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My life was touched by cardiovascular disease when my dad was diagnosed with a 50% blockage in one of his coronary vessels at the age of 67. It was caught before he suffered a fatal heart attack, but it changed how I practiced medicine. Prior to his diagnosis, he had perfect cholesterol levels, no major risk factors and was an avid cyclist. I realized if heart disease could strike him, it could affect many other people unknowingly, and I immediately thought about all of my patients.

My father’s journey became a personal touchstone, urging me to delve into the science of preventive cardiology. I immersed myself in research, collaborating with experts who shared my vision of a proactive, holistic approach to cardiovascular health. I rooted my practice in preventing and reversing heart disease. The guiding principle was simple yet profound: to empower individuals with the tools to take control of their health, just as I helped my father do.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of all Americans. It outnumbers all cases of cancer combined and continues to surpass all other medical reasons for death. And while that statistic is frightening, not everything about cardiovascular disease is doom and gloom. On a positive note, cardiovascular disease is the ONLY chronic disease of the 21st century shown to be completely preventable and even reversible.  Even more exciting, it can be done without taking a single medication or having any surgical procedures. Join us in your health revolution.


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