Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment

Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment

Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, ranking above all other major diseases, including cancer, stroke and diabetes.

It is estimated that roughly 650,000 Americans lose their lives to heart disease every year. What is so remarkable and sad about this sobering statistic is that cardiovascular disease is more preventable and treatable than any other leading cause of death.

Early diagnosis through advanced, non-invasive screening techniques are key to knowing your risk level and developing a plan for the prevention or reversal of cardiovascular disease.

If you have ever worried about your heart health or been told that you need to take action—but want to take a natural approach—we can help.

At Green Healing Wellness, we are passionate about helping you improve your cardiovascular health with effective, evidence-based natural therapies.

Using the latest non-invasive diagnostic techniques and research-backed treatment protocols, we construct a comprehensive treatment plan to provide you with results.

Did you know that 50% of people with normal or good cholesterol will suffer a deadly heart attack?

The primary test used to screen people for cardiovascular disease in clinical practice has not been updated in over 30 years, despite major advances in testing and in our understanding of risk factors.

Standard cholesterol checks evaluating total cholesterol, HDL levels, LDL levels and triglycerides represent old science that does not reflect some of the remarkable recent advances in blood chemistry evaluations for the early detection of cardiovascular disease and risk.

Simple, insurance-covered blood tests that evaluate markers of early plaque formation, genetic risk factors and early blood vessel damage are now available.

There are also tests that break down cholesterol levels into numerous sub-categories that help experienced doctors evaluate your long-term risk much more accurately than standard cholesterol checks. However, these tests are not part of the standard of care at annual checkups (often the main place people are screened for cardiovascular risk).

Inflammation: The Biggest Risk Factor For Heart Disease

Roughly 50% of people with normal or “healthy” cholesterol levels will suffer a heart attack, and many people with high cholesterol will never have a heart attack in their lifetime. Why?

Because over the past several decades, researchers have identified inflammation as THE major trigger for plaque formation and heart attack risk, above cholesterol.

At Green Healing Wellness, we have partnered with Cleveland Heart Lab to offer our patients the most cutting edge testing available for inflammatory biomarkers related to heart disease.

Learn more about Cleveland Heart Lab’s innovative approach to assessing inflammation and protecting your heart here.

Intervention Over Prevention: The Problem with the Current Health Care Model.

The predominant model of health care in the United States does not prioritize prevention and early detection when it comes to heart disease.

The specialty of cardiology is focused on intervention, rather than prevention.

Advances in life-saving procedures like bypass surgery, valve replacement, transplants and the placement of stents are a major focus of the specialty in addition to the use of pharmaceutical cocktails to manage complex cardiovascular disease.

And while these surgeries and therapies save thousands of lives every year, they represent a major medical intervention that becomes necessary once a patient has reached a crisis point.

Very little focus is geared towards early detection and prevention.

Another concern is that some of the most advanced screening tests used in cardiology (EKG, Stress Test and Nuclear Stress Test) can miss certain types of arterial plaque buildup that cause heart attacks.

This is why you might have heard stories about people who had extensive workups from a cardiologist, but then suffered a deadly heart attack shortly thereafter.

Combining an approach that utilizes advanced chemistry evaluations alongside traditional imaging and diagnostics provides a better strategy for identifying people at high risk for cardiovascular disease at early stages.

This, in turn, provides a better opportunity for prevention.


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Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment

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