I am so grateful to Dr. Passero and his staff for a radical much-needed life changing turn in my health.  I came in as a hopeless skeptic after traditional medicine not only did not provide proper care, but did not listen to or validate my true concerns or symptoms.  Over two decades ago, a round of chemo left me hypothyroid and doctors handed me pills to bring my “numbers” to the normal range on traditional tests, but my symptoms remained.  Dr. Passero dug much deeper and also looked at my health as a whole picture.  Layer by layer, he unraveled the complexity of my needs and was responsive to not only lab results, but how I reported feeling along the way.  In a matter of five months, I am restored, feeling better than I could imagine possible, have energy and hope! I just began his weight loss regimen and boy is if effective!  His staff are friendly and efficient and even give me a little pep talk if I need it. I also appreciate the ability to have phone consultations that work within my busy schedule: convenience and results.  My quality of life is better than ever! If you are reading this, know that there is hope for you to be healthy and look and feel fantastic.
Annie G.

It was refreshing and reassuring meeting with Dr. Passero. He takes the time time to listen without judgment and has put me on a much healthier path and has given much direction and relief with what I was seeking. Big thanks to him and his staff!

Katie J.

Dr. Passero is very caring, detail-oriented and, I believe, a good diagnostician. He knows his field very well. He is also very knowledgable on his subject. His treatments really work. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Faye H.

I would highly recommend Dr. Passero, who has helped me conquer some challenging health problems, problems that were unaddressed by mainstream medicine. I know that at every appointment, he will take the time necessary to listen carefully, ask a lot of questions, and thoroughly explain issues and recommendations. Dr. Passero is always thorough and persistent, ready to explore and pursue all options, and ensures that I am a partner in my health outcomes.

Marilyn H

Over 9 years ago, I began to experience illness symptoms that very quickly became disabling. I visited no less than a dozen different doctors, including specialists, who put me through numerous tests, and subsequently prescribed multiple medications. At one point, I was prescribed medications to counter the negative side effects of other medications I was told I needed. Not only was I not getting better, but my health continued to take a downward spiral. It was not until I had the very good fortune to find Dr. Passero that all of that changed. Dr. Passero is extremely knowledgable, patient, attentive, and caring. After genuinely listening to how I felt instead of telling me I was getting older and my debilitating symptoms were “normal”, he established a protocol tailored to my needs to treat the underlying cause of my condition instead of focusing solely on the symptoms. From my first visit back in 2009 to this day, his approach to my health and well being has been consistently first rate! When necessary, he works in tandem with my GP, and other specialists to provide the absolute best care possible. Thanks to Dr. Passero and his cutting edge knowledge of naturopathic medicine, I have been given the tools to take control of my health, and I am on the road to feeling much better! I highly recommend Dr. Passero, and his wonderful staff!

Lisa D.

Dr. Passero is a very good listener. He assesses the whole patient. He takes into consideration what changes would work best for the patient’s lifestyle. Dr. Passero works hard to improve the patient’s health and cares enough to ask for feedback. I left feeling satisfied with the plan and Dr. Passero’s support.

Wendy D.

Most excellent, thorough, and patient. Took as much time as I felt necessary.

Mary S.

My initial visit was so helpful. I feel Dr. Passero was right on with diagnosis. I am and was so grateful. I was in really bad shape/condition and with regular visits I now feel healthy and back to normal energy levels. He was a Godsend for me.

Barbara V.

Dr. Passero listened to all my concerns and gave very valuable and helpful feedback.

Jamie K.

I was really put at ease about my apprehensions about coming off as sounding like I was complaining about my symptoms. I felt really heard and guided towards achieving the goals I outlined. I got real answers, and I feel like I’m on the right path.

Glynda C.

Dr. Passero treated me with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. The results were amazing! By the time I had completed my 3rd treatment I was able to discontinue the use of Zyrtec, Allegra and Claritin. By the time I finished the 8th treatment I was a totally different person. I didn’t realize how the medications I was taking were dragging my energy down and dulling the senses

Ron S.

Thank you so much, Dr. Passero, for helping me because I feel like you found it. You really got it! I can really have my health back. Thank you so much!!!

Maria B.