Dr. Passero, Angie, Noelle, Constance,

This thank you has been a long time coming. My apologies for the long email but I wanted to explain how I ended up at Green Healing, which has now become one of my favorite places to go.

It was right around a year ago. I was working out and my wife knew something was not right with me. I told her I didn’t feel well. I was dizzy, light headed, and my vision was slightly blurry. Not thinking I would listen to her she notified the coach who immediately had me stop working out. Turns out my blood pressure had skyrocketed and the current medication I was on was suddenly not as effective as it had been. It would take six months of doctor’s appointments to finally find the right combination of medication and dosage to get my blood pressure stabilized. I was also suffering from a myriad of other health problems that were slowly but surely killing me. In December I had finally had enough and decided to get my act together.

I’m so happy to let you all know that yesterday my primary care physician cut my blood pressure medication in half. This is a result of the team effort between myself and Green Healing. From the second I walked through the door I’ve been at ease knowing that this is more than just a job for all of you. You care about your patients well being and do everything you can to ensure their success. You have given me a new found love of nutrition and natural healing and for that I can’t thank you enough.

So thank you, thank all of you for what you do. I couldn’t be happier our lives intersected when it did. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

functional medicine
Kevin R.

Over a year ago we met with Dr. Passero after spending months trying to figure out what was wrong with our 7-year-old daughter.  She had gone from being a creative, energetic and vibrant girl to one plagued by chronic joint and neck pain, debilitating headaches and dizziness, extreme nausea and lack of appetite, as
well as terrible fatigue. He quickly suspected Lyme’s disease even though her other doctors said all tests were negative and she had been treated with antibiotics for a bite months prior.  Soon enough his tests confirmed Lyme’s and he immediately began an aggressive treatment with high hopes for her recovery.  It has been about a year now and she is closing in on the end of treatment.  I have my little girl back!  She’s back to swimming and horseback riding, being creative and adventurous.  We cannot thank Dr. Passero enough for his help!

Patient of Dr. Passero

Hello Dr Passero. Hope you and your loved ones are well. It’s been a while since I drove from the Midwest to DC to meet with you.

I do need to tell all of your viewers, patients etc how kind and humble you are. But you also taught me about mold. Wet Building syndrome. How water damaged homes, school, workplace and so on, can actually make a person or entire family very sick.

I also loved the podcast where you interviewed Dr Jill Carnahan http://ehlradio.com/mast-cell-activation-syndrome-mcas-when-histamine-goes-haywire/. That was extremely interesting. I know the both of you are very intellectual professionals in practice. I was curious if at some time you might be able to share your input on toxic mold, Biotoxin illness or CIRS.

I was able to find a person in practice to treat my entire family. Plus we were able to remediate the house and sell that house. But I would love to hear your professional input about water damaged buildings. Maybe I can make a trip back to DC and visit you. I thank you so much. Optimized health amongst us all!


Hi, I just got a wonderful email from my old student and friend Ruth, whom I referred to your office awhile ago. Evidentially she is doing great with your help and she has hope for the first time that she will feel so much better moving forward.

I just had to email to say how grateful I am to have worked with you all and know you. Dr. Passero is a wonderful compassionate doctor who really connects and cares with his patients. I have known him for many years, and have always felt safe and well cared for in his care. And the staff is so organized, friendly, and easy to work and talk with that it was always a pleasure to come to the office.

The reason I’m also mentioning this to you all is that living her in New Mexico I have not found anything like your office and care. I do see a functional med doc here, to get my meds, but honestly it’s the most unorganized and crazy office! The doc seems OK, but seems only partially there when I’m seeing him, and he has mixed up med orders more than once. I think I’ve been spoiled with you guys!!! You may not know this, but I was a med assistant back in the day before kids. I worked in an office similar to yours, with 1 DO and a couple of staff people. Small, caring office. So I know what it takes to run an office well and listen and care for the patients who come in.

A testimony to you all that I felt compelled to share.

In deep gratitude for all you are doing.


I was fortunate enough to listen to Dr. Passero at a meetup at the Whole Foods in Annapolis almost 2 years ago. I eagerly established myself as his patient given his expert experience in the field of Naturopathic Medicine.

My time spent with Dr. Passero has been life-changing. From my first visit, he knew exactly what to check for and how to support my body for optimal health. A year into being his patient, I came down with a debilitating case of Lyme Disease. From the minute I walked into his office, he knew exactly what was wrong, even when the ER didn’t know what to do with me. His knowledge is unmatched and because of his extensive experience and supportive nature, he has saved my life. If I never established myself at Green Healing, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.

I am about 80-85% better from where I started and truly feel Dr. Passero has given me my life back. I am eternally grateful for his guidance and expertise and would highly recommend you allow him to change your life too! All of the GH team members are wonderful and caring! Without a doubt, 5 stars!


Not many of you know this, but a little over a month ago I was close to getting a cane or a walker to help me walk. While at Sam’s club one day, I was in tears because I could no longer walk and had to use one of those electronic carts to get me around. My back pain was unrelenting. I felt 75 years old.

I had also gained 15 pounds in just one month. I am not a big eater so the weight gain made no sense to me. I asked my doctor for help and he said it was probably just holiday weight gain. I felt defeated and not in control of my body. I was becoming very depressed. I thought back surgery was the only option.

But no, the fighter in me came out and knew in my heart this was NOT normal. I went to see Dr. Passero and he ran numerous blood tests (unlike my regular doctor who told me it was just ‘holiday weight gain’ and told me to exercise, which I did, and I felt even worse). I envisioned taking prescription drugs for the rest of my life.

The test results were a bit astonishing. I had a high inflammatory marker and get this… possible Celiac disease. I never had issues with bread or gluten – I always felt fine when I ate any food. There was also a chance I didn’t tolerate dairy. (But I love cheese!!)

I eliminated all inflammatory foods: grain, gluten, meat and dairy. In just 4 weeks I have lost 13 lbs, and my pain is GONE. I should say that again, I have NO pain. And I can actually THINK! My brain function has significantly improved and I had no idea it was that bad.

Why do I share this? Because I am now convinced that the food we eat could actually be hurting our bodies. If I took the traditional medical route, I’d be on prescription drugs or would have had surgery. I have learned so much how food can actually HEAL us. I always thought it was hype or bullshit.

If you don’t feel well, or can’t lose weight, or suffer from chronic pain, please hear my story and know that it is not normal! Our food and medical industries want us to be sick, and we are falling prey to this message. My diet change has not been easy, but I feel that it has saved my life. I am still not 100% and am working on healing my gut after years of damage. But please listen to your body and know that there IS a solution for you!

Dr. Passero and Angie saved me life and I feel awesome. Thank you team!

Lindsey E
I am so grateful to Dr. Passero and his staff for a radical much-needed life changing turn in my health.  I came in as a hopeless skeptic after traditional medicine not only did not provide proper care, but did not listen to or validate my true concerns or symptoms.  Over two decades ago, a round of chemo left me hypothyroid and doctors handed me pills to bring my “numbers” to the normal range on traditional tests, but my symptoms remained.  Dr. Passero dug much deeper and also looked at my health as a whole picture.  Layer by layer, he unraveled the complexity of my needs and was responsive to not only lab results, but how I reported feeling along the way.  In a matter of five months, I am restored, feeling better than I could imagine possible, have energy and hope! I just began his weight loss regimen and boy is if effective!  His staff are friendly and efficient and even give me a little pep talk if I need it. I also appreciate the ability to have phone consultations that work within my busy schedule: convenience and results.  My quality of life is better than ever! If you are reading this, know that there is hope for you to be healthy and look and feel fantastic.
Annie G.

It was refreshing and reassuring meeting with Dr. Passero. He takes the time time to listen without judgment and has put me on a much healthier path and has given much direction and relief with what I was seeking. Big thanks to him and his staff!

Katie J.

Dr. Passero is very caring, detail-oriented and, I believe, a good diagnostician. He knows his field very well. He is also very knowledgable on his subject. His treatments really work. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Faye H.

I would highly recommend Dr. Passero, who has helped me conquer some challenging health problems, problems that were unaddressed by mainstream medicine. I know that at every appointment, he will take the time necessary to listen carefully, ask a lot of questions, and thoroughly explain issues and recommendations. Dr. Passero is always thorough and persistent, ready to explore and pursue all options, and ensures that I am a partner in my health outcomes.

Marilyn H

Over 9 years ago, I began to experience illness symptoms that very quickly became disabling. I visited no less than a dozen different doctors, including specialists, who put me through numerous tests, and subsequently prescribed multiple medications. At one point, I was prescribed medications to counter the negative side effects of other medications I was told I needed. Not only was I not getting better, but my health continued to take a downward spiral. It was not until I had the very good fortune to find Dr. Passero that all of that changed. Dr. Passero is extremely knowledgable, patient, attentive, and caring. After genuinely listening to how I felt instead of telling me I was getting older and my debilitating symptoms were “normal”, he established a protocol tailored to my needs to treat the underlying cause of my condition instead of focusing solely on the symptoms. From my first visit back in 2009 to this day, his approach to my health and well being has been consistently first rate! When necessary, he works in tandem with my GP, and other specialists to provide the absolute best care possible. Thanks to Dr. Passero and his cutting edge knowledge of naturopathic medicine, I have been given the tools to take control of my health, and I am on the road to feeling much better! I highly recommend Dr. Passero, and his wonderful staff!

Lisa D.

Dr. Passero is a very good listener. He assesses the whole patient. He takes into consideration what changes would work best for the patient’s lifestyle. Dr. Passero works hard to improve the patient’s health and cares enough to ask for feedback. I left feeling satisfied with the plan and Dr. Passero’s support.

Wendy D.